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The beauty of Rio is not only in the city. Rio de Janeiro’s state is full of wonderful cities and towns that are worth visiting. To start this serie of posts about places to go beyond Rio we will present Paraty, an amazing colonial city, considered a National Historical Monument, that is 4 hours away from Marta Rio Guesthouse.

Paraty preserves until today its countless natural and architectural charms.  The village was founded in 1667 around the Church of “Nossa Senhora dos Remedios”, its patron saint. Paraty  had a significant economic importance due to its sugar cane mills (it used to have over 250 distilleries), and the name “paraty” was at a certain time synonym of a very good sugar cane rum. In the 18thcentury, the port of Paraty was an important outlet for the gold and precious stones brought on horseback from Minas Gerais State to be shipped to Portugal.


Sono Beach

Paraty became an attraction for Brazilian and international tourism, due to its good state of preservation and thanks to its natural beauties. Its area comprises the National Park of Bocaina, the Environmental Protection Area of Cairuçu, where the village of Trindade is located , a place of rare beauty, the Park Reserve of Joatinga; it also has limits with the State Park of Serra do Mar. So, Paraty is surrounded everywhere by the Mata Atlantica, the luscious Atlantic Forest.

Historic Center of Paraty

Historic Center of Paraty

Explore on foot the historical Center of Paraty, free of cars , and you will travel back in time, where walking has to be done in a leisurely pace due to the irregular rounded cobblestone pavement of its streets. The construction of its old housing and churches reflect a certain style of that time and the mysterious masonry symbols which decorate its walls, lead our imagination back to the old times of Brazil. The prohibition of motorized vehicles in the Center certainly adds to this feeling of a “time travel”.

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